Friday, December 31, 2010

So this Christmas was a blast! Except that my daughter from Ohio and her family weren't able to make it here. We missed them tons. Also my son who is serving in Canada is still serving. But he gets home in June. We had Amber and her family and Beau and Mindy and of course Breanna who is still at home. Lots of presents, we made gingerbread houses, made carmels, dipped chocolates, ate food, then ate more food. The only problem we had was NO SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS. It was very brown around here. Well here are some pictures of our Christmas this year 2010.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

trampoline fun

So while my grandkids are here Becky and Beau attempted to jump on the trampoline. With the pictures I can see that they still have it. hahaha. Breanna my youngest just got home from gymnastics and of course she added her talents to the jumping too.Becky and Beau
Becky starting her attempted back flip
Becky in mid air of the back flip
Beau attempting his front flip
Beau succeeding the front flip while Becky is totally impressed. hahaha
Her awesome jumping ability
Breanna looking totally bored at her jumping ability
Of course Breanna who is a gymnast wants to show off and Becky could care less
Well the camera could not quite do this jump justice.


Hi all,

So I have my 2nd daughter here from Ohio for about 2 weeks while her husband is doing exterships all over the country. He is in his 4th year of dental school waiting to apply for oral surgery school. So we flew her and her two little girls here to visit so she would not be alone. So much fun. We have not seen them in a year except on web cam, which I might add I think a grandma must have invented. Anyway my oldest daughter just drove up from Orem with her 4 kids so I have all 6 of my grandkids here. Fun for me. I was told yesterday by my oldest daughters not to worry about the toy room for the next 2 weeks, then before they leave we will do a deep clean and find everything. So we made sugar cookies last night and decorated them for family night. They had a blast. It was not a holiday or anything, just grandma making sugar cookies and watching them decorate and eat them. Of course right after it was bath time. So here are some pictures of the masterpieces.
This one is Jayce. What a goofball. He just loved the frosting.
This is my 6 six year old Kayleb. He is Amber's 2nd child.
Hailey is my oldest grandchild. She is 8 and very proud of her creation.
This is Mia and Macie. They love their cookies.
This is Addie, which is Becky's 2nd daughter. She will be turning 2 in July. Obviously she is thrilled.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break

For spring break I took my dance team down to USA Nationals in California. I took 14 team girls, 16 parents, and my husband and youngest daughter and my son and his wife. What a job. I had to juggle girls and performing, parents and their concerns and my family. I would not recommend it. But what a great trip. We flew out on Wed. morning and when we checked into the hotel we went straight to the beach. What a great afternoon. Sun, warm, and did I say sand. Love the beach. Went back to hotel and just chilled. Or no wait girls wanted to go to a california mall, so off in the vans we went to a very upper elite mall with guards at all the big elite shops. I did not fit in at all in that mall. Girls had fun though. Thursday off for a day at Disneyland and California Adventures. So much fun. great weather and sun for us.
Friday was all day competing at the Anaheim Convention Center. So many teams with so many girls that can really dance. My team performed so good. I was very proud of them. Didn't place to high on Friday but they kicked some major butt. They are so much fun. Sat. competed again and placed a 3rd and a 4th. A great place for them. California teams are very tuff to compete against, but we did great. Sunday we flew home and then crashed for an afternoon nap. Love my team.
Well onto reality now. Back to work and looking forward to 8 more weeks of school.
We will have a small break next weekend as my youngest Breanna qualified for Regional 2 Gymnastics up in Seattle. We will drive up on Wed. and then the rest of the trip on Thursday. Yup 11 hour drive, but still cheaper than flying. She is doing so good. Improving every day and at every meet. We have changed gyms 3 times this year and we are finally in a good place. So glad we left the first gym. Should have done it years ago. Oh well live and learn right.
Life is good. All my children doing well and losing weight finally and feeling better. Still kind of battleing this cold, that has been going on for 4 weeks now. Oh well.
Looking forward to Conference this week and just relaxing with the family.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hi to everyone. Haven't posted in a while and I really can't say why except that I am so busy with my teaching and coaching and cleaning and kids and and and and and.......No excuses.
Bradleys are great and doing well. School is winding down, only 3 more months and then my daughter will be an official junior.. ouch.....does this mean I am getting older.... yup....
So we had a great Christmas and will post pictures when I figure it out. I have no one here to help me with this so be patient ok.
We also just got back from Coeur d' Alene for Breanna's gymnastics meet. 4 days of nothing but chillin and loving the sites. It is a magical place to be and so beautiful. No snow up there but georgeous still the same. I would recommend all to go visit this place and stay a couple of days on the lake. Will post pictures of her meet too.