Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hi all,

So I have my 2nd daughter here from Ohio for about 2 weeks while her husband is doing exterships all over the country. He is in his 4th year of dental school waiting to apply for oral surgery school. So we flew her and her two little girls here to visit so she would not be alone. So much fun. We have not seen them in a year except on web cam, which I might add I think a grandma must have invented. Anyway my oldest daughter just drove up from Orem with her 4 kids so I have all 6 of my grandkids here. Fun for me. I was told yesterday by my oldest daughters not to worry about the toy room for the next 2 weeks, then before they leave we will do a deep clean and find everything. So we made sugar cookies last night and decorated them for family night. They had a blast. It was not a holiday or anything, just grandma making sugar cookies and watching them decorate and eat them. Of course right after it was bath time. So here are some pictures of the masterpieces.
This one is Jayce. What a goofball. He just loved the frosting.
This is my 6 six year old Kayleb. He is Amber's 2nd child.
Hailey is my oldest grandchild. She is 8 and very proud of her creation.
This is Mia and Macie. They love their cookies.
This is Addie, which is Becky's 2nd daughter. She will be turning 2 in July. Obviously she is thrilled.


Sarah said...

That is so great to have them all there at the same time! A year is way too long! I'm sure Becky is thrilled to be there rather than home alone. :) Have fun!