Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to post pictures?

Okay I need help. How do you post pictures? I have tried, my daughter has tried, my daughter in Ohio has tried and I give up. I have pictures on my computer but they just don't want to be published. That is my guess. Anyway we are doing great as usual. School is busy and the 2 college boys are always busy. Well let's see now, hum we never see them so I guess they are doing okay. Did I mention that they both live here at home while going to school. It's cheaper that way you know. Well maybe I shouldn't say live here, maybe I should say something like they eat and sleep here. Oh well that is life and I love it. I could go into their room around 1:00 a.m. and look at there pretty little faces sleeping, if in fact they were home yet!!!!College kids. Why do they feel like they have to stay up all night. Do they not think they need the sleep. Oh yah, I forgot they sleep in class. How silly of me to forget those days so many decades ago. Well I am done for the day. Will try to figure out the picture thing and if I can get it to work you may see some Thanksgiving pictures. TTFN