Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My son is engaged

Hey all. Well he finally did it. My son got engaged last week and I just thought I would share with you alittle of it. We have a festival of trees at our fine arts center here and with the help of his dad they came up with the idea of decorating a tree and having it up there. Well things evolved and the tree ended up on a stage with lights on it. We decorated it with big fake diamond rings and gold ribbon all over. He ordered online about 4 doz. red and white tulips because that is her favorite flower, and we plastered the tree with fresh flowers. It was gorgeous. He made special arrangements to have a private tour of the trees when everyone was gone. Thus the stage area. We got it set up and we were hiding, ( mom and dad and Tyson and Breanna and her parents). We had the video camera rolling and then they entered. She was clueless, and had no idea what was going on. We placed a ring box in the tree and Beau said, "Hey Mindy, why don't you open it for fun, of course she said no because she didn't want to disturb the tree. THere was a big huge fake ring in it and they laughed. Then Beau got all serious and took her hand and told her he loved her and then she started moving around and thinking oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Then he got down on his knee and asked her with the real ring. The lights went on and we jumped out and started clapping. She was so surprised. It was great and we got it all on camera for all to see. I will try to post pictures as we took pictures also. It was a great proposal.


Birrell Family said...

What a perfect proposal! I am so proud of you Shari for sticking with this blogging thing. Tell me the truth... do you kinda like more than you thought? I love to keep up on your life :)